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Kakejiku Inspired Dateless Calendar | 掛け軸風日付なしカレンダー 1穴タイプ
  • Kakejiku Inspired Dateless Calendar | 掛け軸風日付なしカレンダー 1穴タイプ

    2020年に発売されたJapan's four seasons - 2021 calendar。大好評に終わったこのカレンダーが、日付のない掛け軸風カレンダーとして帰ってきました。

    もともと掛け軸は字の名の如く「掛けて拝する」という意味の 元、仏教を広める物の一つとして飛鳥時代(592-710年)に 中国より流入し、日本文化と融合したことで国内でも広く知られるようになりました。

    茶道とともにできあがった掛け軸には昔から引き継がれて いる多くの様式がありますが、この掛け軸風カレンダーは、そんな歴史ある掛け軸を現代の生活様式に合うようアレンジしています。

    日本の文様にインスパイアを受けた各月の絵柄を通して、 美しい日本の季節の移ろいを感じることができるこのカレンダーは、日付がないので年を選ぶことがなく、丁寧に扱うことで毎年楽しむことができます (*永久に使用することを保証する物ではありません)


    With our new Kakejiku Inspired Dateless Calendar, we've brought back our popular Japanese-style 2021 calendar in an updated form.

    This new calendar is influenced by the style of a Japanese hanging scroll called Kakejiku.

    Kakejiku was first introduced to Japan from China during the Asuka period (592-710 CE). The scrolls helped spread Buddhism and people would hang the scrolls and worship in front of them. This tradition fused with Japanese culture, spreading throughout the country and becoming widely known.

    Kakejiku culture developed alongside the tea ceremony, with many styles of scrolls passed down to the present day. Our hanging scroll style calendar is a modern, lifestyle-friendly take on this aspect of Japan’s rich history.

    Be inspired by Japanese patterns and feel the beauty of the changing seasons with designs that change each month. The calendar is dateless which means it can be used not only today, but for the years to come (*It is not something that can be used to permanently)



    *This product does not come with a wooden hanger



    Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.




    • 商品発送納期|Estimated time of delivery and shipping fee



      Domestic delivery and shipping: takes about 4-5days from order to delivery.

      International delivery and shipping:

      PLEASE NOTE, due to COVID-19 significant delays are expected on all online orders, Delivery to some countries, including the United States and Australia, could take a few months.If you have any queries please message us.


      The United States of America / Australia / New Zealand: 2-3 months (seamail only) / 20-30US Dollars, 35 AUS Dollars 〜 by sea mail

      Europe: 20-30 days / 20-25euro〜 by Japan Post

    • 返品について|Returns


      We do not accept returns or exchanges. Please veiw our Return policy for futher information.

    • 発送方法 | Wrapping method


      The product will be rolled up and shipped in a paper box.

    • 商品詳細 | Specifications

      Size: 297x 750 mm /12 sheets / 7mm hole  1穴タイプ
      Materials: S Kinbishi (FSC認証紙を使用しています)
      Printed by Sun M Color Ltd.
      Made in JAPAN


      * No accessories are included with this product. 

    • 取扱上の注意 | Item cautions

      • 直射日光に当てると変色する可能性がございますのでお取り扱いにはくれぐれもご注意ください
      • 防水加工ではないので、水に触れないようご注意ください。 デリケートな作品ですので、めくる際は強い力を加えたり、過度にひっぱったりしないようご注意ください
      • Be extra careful when handling the product as it may discolor if exposed to direct sunlight
      • The product is not waterproof. As this is a delicate work, please be careful not to apply strong force or pull it excessively when turning it over
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