Art direction,

visual identity, 

graphic and digital design

in a concise and minimalistic manner

Art Director, Designer

​The head of MU Design Store


Nozomi was born and raised in Tokyo. She joined Ideasketch in 2011 after working for another design studio for 4 years. There, she was responsible for designing websites, logos, pamphlets, cross-media projects, visuals, and posters. 

After working in Japan for over 10 years as a Designer, she moved to Melbourne ​​in 2016 to expand her design skills. She worked for a construction company in Melbourne as a Graphic Designer. She was in charge of the company's re-branding and marketing collaterals. In 2018, she returned to Japan to start her own business as designer. 

Her specialty is conveying information in a concise and minimalistic manner utilising pop and iconic graphics.

In 2020, she has started a new design brand called 'MU' in order to enrich peoples surroundings through graphic design.

東京生まれ東京育ち。御茶の水美術専門学校デザイン・アート科卒業後、コンテムポラリー・プロダクション(現・信藤三雄事務所)のもとで、CDジャケットなど音楽業界のグラフィックデザイン制作に携わったのち、2011年よりアイデアスケッチに参加。椎名林檎公式ファンクラブサイト「林檎班」のデザイン、 コーヒーメーカーKalitaの「& Kalita」ロゴ・ウェブデザインなど、媒体問わず多くのプロジェクトに携わる。


副業として個人ガイドなど観光業にも積極的に携わる。世界中で500,000人以上が利用中の2016年に発足したイスラエル発のオンライン旅行会社、Cool Cousin(クールカズン)の東京版の運営・立ち上げに携わった。

She participated in a Tokyo City Jacket project produced by a Swedish clothing brand ELVINE as a local creator in Tokyo.

An Israel-based tourism web platform. Nozomi participates in Tokyo version as an ambassador. She was also involved in launching the Tokyo version in 2018 such as headhunting for candidates, setting-up, scheduling, location scouting for photo-shootings with her friend Yurie.

 MU is a design concept that aims to enrich people's lives through the creativity of graphic design. MU doesn’t have a specific meaning in Japanese. It represents a discrete, physical absence. Inspired by MU, we eliminate unnecessary elements to give you product-focused designs that match your interior environment.  

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