Flight Map Poster - Global Cities

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2020年に発売され現在も大好評発売中の東京路線図ポスターに続き、旅行に行きたくても行きづらい人たちのためのフライトマップ。 デザイナー自身、飛行機に乗った際に見る機内誌の最後にある各航空会社の路線をみるのが大好きでした。各航空会社が一度に見れればもっと具体的に移動する想像がつくのにとおもって作ったのがこのフライトマップです。 主要空港とルートで構成されたこのマップを見れば、都市間でどれくらいの時間のフライトで行き来できるかが直感的にわかります。 また必要最低限の情報量で構成されたデザインで、実用的なインテリアとしても活躍できます。 *空港はこの地図にある全てではありません。詳しい飛行情報等は各航空会社にお問い合わせください。 


Inspired by our popular Tokyo Rail Map that went on sale in 2020, this poster is a great option for those at home who spend their days daydreaming about travelling. The idea for this poster came from the airplane routes at the back of in-flight magazines, which as a designer I always loved to look at. The flight map was designed with the idea that showing all airlines together would allow for more concrete imaginings. The poster shows major airports and airline routes. At a glance, one can develop an intuitive feel for how long it takes to fly between cities. The poster's informative, yet minimalist design makes it a piece of interior design that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. *Please note that the flight time and routes on the map are not 100% accurate. They have been modified as part of the final design. Please contact the airline for detailed flight information before booking a flight. 


Flight Map Poster - Global Cities

​2,680 yen +TAX +shipping fee

Size: 420 x 594mm (A2)  

Materials: S Kinbishi (FSC)  


Printed by Sun M Color Ltd.

Made in Japan

*Frame is not included

Details and colors of the images might be different from ones of real products.

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As technology continues to revolutionize the way we live, a lot of tools we use to manage our daily lives have become possible with a smartphone or laptop. However, there are many people who appreciate and still find value in tactile experiences, such as using calendars, clocks and maps... (just to name a few)


The goal of MU to give these necessities a different level of presence in your interior as a result of having a large amount of visual information focused on usability. Do you typically choose products based on convenience or aesthetic value?

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