Tokyo Rail Map Poster

Art Direction, Graphic Design

 Enriching your surroundings through graphic design

MU is a design concept that aims to enrich people's lives through the creativity of graphic design. MU doesn’t have a specific meaning in Japanese. It represents a discrete, physical absence. Inspired by MU, we eliminate unnecessary elements to give you product-focused designs that match your interior environment.


As technology continues to revolutionize the way we live, a lot of tools we use to manage our daily lives have become possible with a smartphone or laptop. However, there are many people who appreciate and still find value in tactile experiences, such as using calendars, clocks and maps... (just to name a few)


The goal of MU to give these necessities a different level of presence in your interior as a result of having a large amount of visual information focused on usability. Do you typically choose products based on convenience or aesthetic value?

Is it possible to enrich our lives with items that are useful, easy to comprehend but also aesthetically pleasing?

This is the inspiration behind MU, a combination of beauty and functionality.


When objects that usually function to just convey accurate information become a part of the design of our interior spaces, I hope that they can also spark our imagination and enhance the aesthetic pleasures of our everyday lives.

Tokyo Rail Map Poster - BLACK

Size: A1 841 x 594 mm
Matt coated paper / Yupo


Printed by Sun M  Color Ltd.
Made in Japan

Tokyo Rail Map Poster - LIGHT GREY

Size: A1 841 x 594 mm
Wood-free paper


Made in Japan

The most complex rail map of Tokyo is a pillar of over 10 million commuters.
From metro to suburban rail and monorails, even Tokyo natives cannot fully comprehend the full breadth of this map.

However, when you look at the rail map from a different perspective, the never-ending stations and lines which seemingly endlessly emanate from the city centre give an impression of grandness, impressiveness, richness, and magnificence, reminiscent of the cosmos. 
This was the inspiration behind this poster. 

When things that function only for conveying accurate information are incorporated into the interior where you usually spend your time, I believe that it inspires peoples' imaginations and enriches their hearts. This was my desire when I designed this poster.