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Japanese slang poster
  • Japanese slang poster

    Japanese slang is almost never taught in school classes or textbooks; as of 2024, the slang of young people used by many people in Japan has been collected and made into a single poster.

    At first glance, slang is often seen as 'dirty words', but Japanese slang is not limited to youth language and words derived from the internet. Japanese is a complex language with four characters. Nowadays, symbols and alphabets are also increasingly used in sentences, further strengthening its character as a special language using six different characters.


    The letters that seem so commonplace to Japanese people who understand Japanese, including myself as a designer, are spread out randomly in this way, and when you look at them carefully, you get this strange feeling that the letters no longer look like letters.

    From the point of view of someone who does not understand Japanese, they may look like a single pattern, or they may even look like graffiti.


    I made this poster by daring to take advantage of what I have experienced first-hand as an expatriate myself, that the impression of a design can change so much depending on whether you understand the language or not.


     Meanings of slang on the posters


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      Shipping rate may be delayed beyond schedule due to air traffic conditions. Posters are packaged in environmentally friendly biosheets and shipped in board cardboard boards.

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      These posters are silk-screened and printed one by one by hand.Some items may be uneven or grainy, but we hope you will accept this as one of the characteristics of the product.

      Colours may vary depending on the device and monitor used to view the product, so we cannot accept any complaints about the design, such as colours differing between the photo and the actual colour after the product has arrived.

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      As the prints are made with water-based ink, they will bleed when wet with water or other moisture. Also, due to its nature, the paper may fade if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Please handle with care.

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      Neon green - washi / white paper 

      Neon red - white / cream yellow paper

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